Fundamentals of Graphic Communication





Final Choice for "The Fundamentals" Poster

Evelyn Lee Barney


This is my final choice for The Fundamentals poster. The keepsake prototypes created to increase our fictional band’s exposure and branding were also based on this design. Though I liked the original, there were still a number of improvements that needed to be made.


Original Design Problems:

  1. The photo background competed with the fonts and made them less readable than they needed to be. One critique suggestion was to add a color block that matched one of the darker earth tones in the background.
  2. The text alignments were not as clean as they could have been. There were too many alignment points to make the design cohesive. Some were mathematically rather than optically aligned, and there was some trapped space that unbalanced the over all design.
  3. The effects (such as emboss) on the text looked unprofessional.
  4. The text of CORNELIUS was too similar to the main information font, and the lack of contrast made it look like an error rather than a deliberate choice.
  5. The head font was too wide, and seemed about to fall off the edges of the page.
  6. The large “the” in the headline overpowered the word Fundamentals – and detracted rather than added clarity to the name of the band.
  7. Neither the design nor text said “Celtic” to most of the audience.



NB : The intended audience is wide, but primarily focused on an older crowd who enjoyed the 1960’s - 1970’s singer/songwriter genre – and their children who grew up hearing it and enjoyed it.



Updates to solve design problems listed above:


  1. I did not care for the color block background idea for the main header. Instead, I lightened and muted the entire background and punched up the colors on the leaf slightly, creating a level of contrast that made the text more readable. I did add a slim translucent stroke to the headline font that is only slightly darker than the font color, but does help the headline stand out.
  2. The text, alignment, and font of CORNELIUS special guest line have been completely changed. The primary information is written in a light but clear serif font. The Fundamentals is in a clean, though casual decorative font.
  3. The entire poster is more carefully designed with an eye towards optical alignments – not so easy in Photoshop, as even when “snap” is turned off some movement of fonts was inevitable. I haven’t yet mastered InDesign, but am working on it, as it is a program that more accurately kerns and aligns text.
  4. Cornelius is written in a decorative font that has a “logo” quality that attracts attention but does not overpower the name of the primary band.
  5. The headline font has narrower kerning. The word “the” in the headline is in a smaller font.
  6. I added a line of text at the top that describes the style of the band.


See the original “yellow leaf” design.

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