Keepsake Designs and Prototypes


Souvenirs and collectibles associated with a particular company or product are part of what is known in marketing as “branding.” A “brand,” in this context, includes names, logos, slogans, repeated color or design schemes, and personality endorsement. A brand symbolizes the reputation associated with a product. Many examples of branding exist in promotion and advertising.

The following designs and product prototypes are examples of the types of banding opportunities businesses of any size may take advantage of while developing an easily recognizable image. By clicking on the photograph of the product prototype, you can see the design that was used to impose the brand image on common items, and read about the concept behind the design. Each of the designs is based on the fall leaf poster design.

A button that mentions both the name of the band, and their most recent album.
Back of CD Jewel case cover
Front of CD cover
Two leaf mug design
Mug with poster image