Fundamentals of Graphic Communication





Color Theory

Evelyn Lee Barney

Assignment: Using the same persona developed for project #2 - create three completely new concepts for the promotional material. Keep basic color theory principles in mind: complementary colors, hue, saturation, value and contrast.


Alternate Design #1


© Evelyn Lee Barney ~ All Rights Reserved.


The image for this poster is a photograph of a pre-revolutionary gravestone in Sunderland, MA. Behind the gravestone is a misty background created from a photograph of a cloudy sky. The photographs are my own. Finding a color that would show well against this stone was a challenge. Another was to find the correct value for the de saturated sky image, so that it would maintain the contrast of texture and color with the stone but still contrast evenly with the text. The orange with a slightly darker stroke seems to work the best. My intention here was to be as simple, as "fundamental" as possible while still maintaining visual interest.


Alternate Design #2


This piece focuses mainly on contrast. All of the elements placed on the black background are intended to have a metallic look. The images of metallic foil used for the sidebars and the fill on the musical note came from a piece named (aptly) matalics.jpg available at Kave Wall Stock . What pleased me most about this design is that the contrast is clean enough to maintain not just clarity, but much of it's metallic look in grayscale ~ see image below:

Alternate Design #2b



Alternate Design #3




Of all the designs, this is the one I find most esthetically pleasing. The blurred background gives color and texture without interfering too much with the text. I also like the contrast of warm and cool colors and am particularly fond of yellow and blue/gray tones together. Though color was my primary focus here, this design, too, works fairly well in grayscale - (small image - right):

The background image is fall_leaf.jpg from the free stock library of A Digital Dreamer