Fundamentals of Graphic Communication





The Fundamentals Poster # 1

Evelyn Lee Barney



The Fundamentals are a (fictional) UK band touring small venues in the US. They are a three-piece acoustic band whose primary influences are Celtic folk melodies flavored with an Indy-Rock style. Their presentation (in looks, performance, and sound) is reminiscent of the late 60’s and early 70’s singer/song-writer groups. They have a small but loyal following in the UK, and are taking their first US tour.




Project Specifications:

The Fundamentals ~ Print media promotion for a band playing in Hadley, MA.

Evelyn Lee Barney


Assignment 2: Document Design




The neon design on the poster is based on a photograph taken for my Still Image class last summer (2007). The original is a close-up of Indian Bean Tree blossoms. I ran the photo through the neon edge Photoshop filter by accident, and got the idea for this poster. While it is hard to see that the design is floral, it still draws the eye.




Indian Bean Tree






Okay, I'll admit it - I lied. Above is really an early re-do. The ORIGINAL submission was truly hideous. If you must look - here it is to the left, made even more hideous by the small, low-resolution image.