Fundamentals of Graphic Communication





Adaptation of Zinn Sketches

Evelyn Lee Barney

Assignment: To take Frank Zinn's sketches and adapt them to a form that could be animated in Flash. Include layers, groups, and motion points for each moveable section. Below are screen shots of the characters built in Flash.
Example ~ Pivot Points:
Witch's staff and hand Ogre's arm
Each of the characters above were adapted by drawing, with the Zinn sketch as a model, using shape, and paint tools. As you can see, they are not actually colored in recreations of the original, but separate versions. Below, you see a Zinn character actually traced over the original, using primarily the line and fill tools. I did add a small element or two, but clearly this technique resulted in a more accurate line-for-line reproduction, with added color, of the original.

The trace above was done on all one layer. However, if each segment intended to move independently in an animation is done on a separate layer, you can trace an animate any compatible image (jpg & gif both work) you import into Flash.

Please observe copyright laws and cite the source of the original work!