Fundamentals of Graphic Communication





Flash Animation

Evelyn Lee Barney



My first actual animation.

What a project! It was fun to do, but after hours and hours of work I can still see many things I wish I'd been more careful wish or done differently. Well, that's how we learn.

This is based on my own dog, Fred, and his obsession with squirrels. He's learning not to chase them, but is so disappointed when he's told "no!'

I Hope it makes you smile.


"Play with your Poodle" clip by Boots Gilbert - Recorded on Fortune Records

LP-3001 - Tattooed Lady Plus Eleven Other Sizzlers - Various Artists [1961]

Used according to Fair Use, education and parody.

Voice bubble from Snag-It clipart.
See the original story board. You'll notice I had to do a lot less detail. My imagination was far beyond my skill.